My Social Media Vacation


Think Katink: social media vacation

My Social Media Vacation
Unplug to Plug-in

December is such a magical month. The Christmas tree goes up, houses are twinkling and cozy, parties are planned, expectation is in the air. My December experience happily included all of the above, but all the December extras sent my head spinning every morning. By just before Christmas I had met all my deadlines and gotten all the Christmas-time items checked off my list but I was absolutely and completely exhausted.

The perfect moment for a vacation! And considering my exhaustion level, it was also time for a vacation from social media and my smartphone.
I work in social media, which is a non-stop 24/7 always-on phenomenon, and I have seen so many positive results from using social media. Did I dare unplug, just like that?
I doubted for awhile, took the leap and guess what? It was GREAT!

During my 12 day social media detox I discovered some fantastic reasons why unplugging actually allows you to plug-in.


Right here, right now

Think Katink: Peace of MindMobile and electronic devices are everywhere. With one click you can instantly be taken somewhere else.
That in itself is incredible. But by putting your smartphone away (preferably in a drawer somewhere!), your world will become one of the here and now. One that allows you to fully concentrate on the conversation you are having; one that lets you color alongside your child; one that lets you pay attention to what is right under your nose.
Living in the now, not living by the sound of every ping, brings a calmness that allows you to stay in the moment – right here, right now.


Focus (on one thing)

For all the good social media and smartphones can bring, they feed our zap behavior. With a few flicks on your smartphone screen you can check your email, the weather, the news and your favorite social hangouts. Love it.
But is this habit really worthy of my time?
I am a habitual multi-tasker (aren’t most women?) but multi-tasking can have its downfalls. The culture of juggling work and home forces us into the role of constantly reacting. Life minus the smartphone helped to regain my appreciation for fully focusing on one thing at a time.


Creative flow

Regaining a natural creative flow was probably the best result achieved during the social media detox. Letting your mind wander is fantastic and I dare say one of the best things you can do to find creativity. That said, when your mind wanders, creativity will actually find you. Ideas came to my head as easily as plugging in the Christmas tree lights.

So here I am, at the start of this year to come, with a list full of exciting possibilities, all due to a brief social media hiatus.

When are you planning your social media detox?


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  1. Barbara

    January 8, 2014 8:56 am

    Congratulations for being disconnected for 12 days! This is quite an accomplishment. Thanks for sharing your learnings. I realised that I might need to detox as well.


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